There is so much darkness in the world right now, that’s why it’s so important to show your light”….. you bring so much light to this world with your loving spirit and beautiful jewelry that carry positive messages. 🙏 thank you! Keep doing what you’re doing, we need you! 🩷 Leigh 

Thank you for my extraordinary soul sista necklace that Karen passed on in NZ! I don't think I've ever had jewellery made by a loved one before so it is one of those treasures that makes you feel so blessed. You have such a talent for making beauty and it is raw, authentic and so personal. Love it xxxx

Hi Billy, been thinking about this one. I feel love when I wear your pieces. 
Melissa P

Made with love and spirit. I feel stunning when I wear it. People always comment and want to touch it and ask about it's history.  Helen Dunlop, New Zealand

 I wear my Billy Zeemann necklace every day. And every day someone admires it and tells me how beautiful it is. For me, it is my most meaningful and personal piece of art. Anna Thomas, New Zealand

I LOVE the pendants!

I never take it off, I wear it everyday! Tiff

Thanks Billy!
Adore my necklace!!
Big hug to you

Thank you so much, this brings me so much happiness and comfort. W.

She received her gold pendant and absolutely loved it! xoxo M

I'm wearing it right now it's so beautiful! Stacy

They arrived! And they are beautiful — wearing my new gold necklace just now.

Hi Billy,
S gave me one of your pendants and I love it!

It's so meaningful...

You are a very talented artist and I LOVE your work.

I LOVE the pendants. Your work is so beautiful.

Thank you! Awesome work :)

My boss is in love with this piece!

They are the BEST gift in the world! Love your jewelry so much!!

I loved being in your store with you and your pals . What a fun community. I have shared your necklace and have several interested customers for you. 
Thank you again for your creativity and wonderful spirit

I wear mine every day! My sister loves hers!

It arrived. I LOVE IT!
I'm wearing it now.
Thank you!

Awesome work!

Thanks, Billy. This is perfect!

I think your work is lovely...

When our beloved beagle, Henry, died, we wanted something special to remember him by.  We didn't want a generic pet memory -- we wanted something that represented Henry and would give us peace every time we looked at it.  Billy was inspired by our quest, and was able to make a timeless, artistic plaque with his paw print.  She went above and beyond to make it just right, and, as a dog lover, she put her own heart and soul into the beautiful piece, which we cherish.  We loved the idea so much, that we had her make pet tags with the paw print for each of our other beagles, and as key chains and zipper pulls for our family.  Billy is so talented and thoughtful, which is what makes her hand made charms and jewelry so incredibly special.  Working with Billy is a personal experience, and this shows through in all that she does." The Blau Family

I had 3 necklaces and a silver key chain made by Billy Zeemann for Christmas presents this year.   Oh my goodness the look on my daughters and son in law’s face when they opened these beautiful, hand crafted and meaningful pieces of jewelry/art.   For my girls I had finger prints of my grandchildren on one side and then a little message written by my 5 year old granddaughter on the other.  I also had a necklace made with the picture of a little bug that had been drawn by my granddaughter and then shrunk and casted by Billy.  The key chain for my son in law said: “I love you Daddy” on one side and the hand prints of his two children on the other….. this big fireman was so touched and pleased!   I wear the necklace my granddaughter drew every day and truly feel her presence.   These pieces with real hand prints that have been shrunk are not only beautiful but so heartfelt and dear.  And Billy is most agreeable and helpful to work with! I highly recommend her if you need a special present… oh and the dog tags are wonderful too!   Jeanne in Stinson


My husband surprised me with a custom made necklace for our 17th anniversary. I lifted up the layer with the dove on it and underneath was the number 17. It was the most thoughtful and special gift I have ever received.   Amy, Stinson Beach


Billy Zeemann's bronze paw print of my dog is one of my most treasured items. I carry this beautiful heart-shaped piece with Chelsea's paw print on it with me each day and it reminds me of her. Billy is a true animal lover and her designs come from her heart and are so unique. I am really fortunate that I have this memento of my dog to carry with me each day. I have two cats now and I won't wait until the end of their lives to make a little piece to wear with their paw prints on it.  Wendy J, Sausalito