Frequently asked questions

How do I take my dogs paw prints?

- Once you complete your purchase, I will mail you out an inkless wipe kit. This contains instructions with two pieces of 8 1/2" x 11 paper and a special inkless wipe. Simply wipe the whole paw pad  thoroughly and press evenly onto the paper. Placing the paper on a hard, even surface works best so you can firmly press the paw evenly onto it, then lifting it straight up so you don't smudge it. The floor works well, or a table if you have a smaller dog. Cover the entire sheet with prints so I can choose the best one.

TIP! You can get the best print from a clean paw! If your dog has long hair it is best to take the print after they have been recently groomed. If your dogs paw pad is really dry, try soaking it in some water or with a wet towel to soften it. Let the pad dry before using the inkless wipe.


How do I take my dogs prints when she/he HATES having the feet touched?

- Take them to the vet and have them do it or have your groomer do it. Or bribe them with mozzarella cheese! Having two people helps with a dog that is uncomfortable with having the paws touched. One person can take the print (the back foot is often easier), whilst the other person distracts them with food! When you order a custom print piece, I will send more written details on taking a good print.


How do I look after my Jewelry?

-  All jewelry will show signs of wear over time and most metals will eventually tarnish. Many of my pieces are oxidized (darkened in the recessed writing or artwork) to bring out the pattern and/or texture in the piece. To clean, the most eco friendly way to do so is to gently wipe with a scratch resistant cloth. If your jewelry does not have a patina, the safest way the clean it is with warm, mildly soapy water and a soft brush.

 - My jewelry is handmade and needs to be handled with care. This will ensure a long and lasting relationship between you and your jewelry! It is best not to wear it when swimming, especially in chlorinated waters, and also do not to wear it when sleeping.   To prevent damage, also avoid excessive pulling, tugging or stretching of pieces, and use caution when near infants or children. 

- Most of my pieces are polished with a matt finish, but some will on your request, be finished with a high shine. To keep its high shine, keep it in an air tight plastic ziplock bag when you are not wearing it. Do not store your jewelry loosely in a pile as it will get scratched. Please handle with care, wear them often, and store them away appropriately to prevent tarnishing. Also keep your jewelry away from water/soaps/chemicals. 

- Caring for gemstones: Keep your semi-precious gemstone jewelry separate from diamond jewelry. Diamonds are extremely hard stones and if they come into contact with softer stones, they may cause scratches and marks.


Do you do rush orders?

- I can do a rush order for a small additional fee. The fee is because in order to do a rush order, I have to work over time, sometimes in the weekend on a day off in order to finish your piece. This is because I am already working on other orders that are preceeding yours.