"Taliswoman” Honors Hillary Clinton's Historic Presidential Run

September 02, 2016

                      Celebrity Jewelry Designer Honors Hillary Clinton with Necklace
                       The “Taliswoman” celebrates Clinton’s grit, courage, and grace

Stinson Beach, Calif. -- September 2, 2016 -- Billy Zeemann is blazing a trail in the jewelry industry. She’s designed a commemorative necklace to honor the history-making presidential run of Hillary Clinton, and remarkably, that necklace is being worn by Hillary herself.

How does a small artisan metalsmith get her designs all the way to the wardrobe of the first woman ever to head a major party ticket? Talent, certainly, and maybe a touch of luck, too. But, perhaps most fittingly, the commemorative necklace, which Zeemann has cleverly dubbed “Taliswoman,” was forged through friendship.

The necklace is the shared brainchild of Zeemann and longtime friend and client Susie Buell. Buell is a well known San Francisco-based philanthropist, Clinton benefactor, and, as fate would have it, close personal friend to Hillary.

Zeemann says, “Susie and I discussed how meaningful it would be to design a commemorative piece to celebrate Hillary. Susie planned to give the necklaces as gifts to campaign workers and friends. One of those friends was Hillary herself.”

To date, Zeemann has now handcrafted commemorative necklaces not only for Clinton, but also for A-Listers like Meryl Streep, Huma Abedin, Arianna Huffington and more.

The face of the necklace is inscribed with an “H” and three words, “grit,” “courage,” and “grace,” words Meryl Streep referenced during her speech at the Democratic National Convention: “What does it take to be the first female president? It takes grit and it takes grace.” Clinton’s now familiar signature runs across the back with one last message: “love & kindness.”

The piece is available for purchase on Zeemann’s website and lovingly handcrafted in California by Zeemann and other talented women artisans. Prices range from a very affordable bronze option ($100, plus shipping) to a long, 18k gold option ($1,960, plus shipping) and a portion of proceeds will be donated to support Hillary’s historic run.


About Billy Zeemann

Billy Zeemann is a California-based artist, metalsmith, and designer, as well as proud dual citizen of New Zealand and the United States. She finds inspiration in the beauty of nature, simple organic shapes, indigenous art, symbolism, and love. She works with a variety of metals and gemstones and whenever possible sources recycled and conflict-free materials. Learn more at billyzeemann.com.


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